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Joyce Matthews National Volunteer Award

The Joyce Matthews award is named for former Board member and volunteer, Joyce Matthews. It is a prestigious recognition of exceptional leadership, creativity, and commitment to literacy shown by a Frontier College volunteer.

2021        Jean Barton
2020        Sharon Moncarz
2019        Ashley Johnston
2018        Narinée Halajian

Fitzpatrick Award

The Frontier College Fitzpatrick award is named for our founder, Alfred Fitzpatrick.
It is a prestigious honour and the highest recognition Frontier College bestows to an organization. Each year, an organization or company that has shown strong support of literacy receives the Fitzpatrick Award. Recipients of the Fitzpatrick Award may

  • Show long-term leadership in the literacy field
  • Demonstrate exceptional commitment to the cause of literacy through group action
  • Provide substantial financial support for the work of Frontier College
2021        The Morton Foundation
2020        Regent Park Health Centre
2019        Kativik Ilisarniliriniq
2018        Northern Vision Development LP
2017        Cree School Board
2016        Scotiabank
2015 Ontario Teachers’ Federation
2014 Scholastic Canada Ltd.
2013 Wasaya Airways
2012 Random House
2011 TMX Group
2010 TD Bank Financial Group
2009 Compugen
2008 Molson
2007 The Morrison Foundation
2006 CIBC
2005 The Great West Life Assurance Company
2004 None
2003 Laubach Literacy of Canada
2002 Coady International Institute and Centre d’organisation mauricien de services et d’éducation populaire
2001 National Adult Literacy Database
2000 Queen’s University
Companion Award

The Frontier College Companion Award is the highest recognition Frontier College confers upon an individual. Each year, an individual who has shown a significant contribution to the cause of literacy is named as a Companion of Frontier College.
Companions of the College may

  • Be a long-term leader of a literacy organization
  • Demonstrate exceptional commitment to the cause of literacy through volunteer service
  • Provide substantial financial or personal support to the work of Frontier College
  • Provide forms of continuous support to the cause of literacy through their daily work
2021        Louise Hayes
2020        Jean Rasmussen
                 John O’Leary (posthumously)
2019        Samantha Warwick
2018        Lynn McDonald
2017        Arden H. King
2016        Eric Sinclair
2015 Hon. James K. Bartleman, OC, OOnt
2014 Janet Cloud
2013 Nevenka Klacar
2012 Jeffrey Goodman
2011 Jenny Marcus
2010 Ruth Baumann
2009 Alan Smith
  Doug Bannan
2008 Jeff Cairns
2007 Robert Nixon
2006 Nora J. Farrell
2005 Michael Evans
  Jim Silver
2004 Dennis Lee
2003 James Morrison
  Stephanie Miller
2002 Wayson Choy
  Betty Sherman
  Jean-Guy Ouellet
2001 Hon. Frank McKenna
2000 Audrey Thomas
Russell Morrison
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