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Host a Fundraising Event

If you have a creative and fun special event that you would like to hold for Frontier College, we would love to hear about it! Review our Special Event Fundraising Guidelines to help you organize a fun and successful event. Once you have decided on the event, please complete the below form. A Frontier College representative will be in contact with you to discuss further.

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How did you first hear about Frontier College event fundraising?

Applicant Information
Event Information
Frontier College would be happy to provide a limited quantity of promotional materials for your event. Promotional materials will be sent to you following the approval of your event.
How will funds be raised? Check all that apply. Note: See Fundraising Guidelines for Gaming License Details

By signing this application, I agree to
Adhere to the Fundraising Guidelines along with the conditions outlined on this form:
Adhere to the Fundraising Guidelines along with the conditions outlined on this form:
Obtain all necessary permits, licenses, and insurance for the event:
Submit all publicity for the proposed event to Frontier College for approval prior to being printed, released, etc:
Communicate to sponsors, participants, and the general public that Frontier College is not conducting the event, but is the beneficiary of the event:
Cover all costs associated with the event, by sourcing donated products or services or by a portion of the revenue generated by the event. Frontier College will not be responsible for expenses:
Adhere to all tax receipting policies as outlined in the Fundraising Guidelines and by the Canada Revenue Agency:
Release, indemnify and hold harmless Frontier College and its affiliates and their respective directors, officers, and employees from and against any and all, fines, suits, proceedings, claims, or demands or loss or damage, cost or expense whatsoever resulting directly or indirectly out of this agreement:
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