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Why Volunteer?

Volunteering with Frontier College means that you will be helping other Canadians build literacy and numeracy skills, which increases their confidence, self-esteem and opportunities for the future. Most people who love to read had a parent, teacher, or caregiver who took the time to read with them. As a volunteer with Frontier College, you can spread your love of reading and learning to others.

Responsibility and Opportunity

As a Frontier College volunteer, we ask for a commitment of nine months following training, which means being available once a week for two-to-three hours. While volunteers don’t need to have experience, they should:

  • be open to a variety of people and experiences
  • have English or French language skills
  • be enthusiastic, patient, flexible, and creative
  • be over 16 years of age


When you become a Frontier College volunteer, you will be given support in your work. Following an interview to ensure that the volunteer position is the best fit for you, you will be given an orientation and training (usually two-to-six hours in length). Some programs require more than one training session. While you are volunteering, a staff member or volunteer leader will always be available for support, and your contribution to the community will be recognized.

All volunteers must adhere to the Accessibility for Individuals with Disabilities Act.  

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Did You Know ?

Our programs work! 86% of educators rate Frontier College programs as very good-to-excellent.

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