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Plant A Seed - Grow A Program

Through the Literacy Outreach Program, Frontier College provides seasonal agricultural workers in southwestern Ontario with the literacy and basic skills support they need to make a stronger contribution to their workplace and a deeper connection to the communities they live in. 

By applying the Frontier College “All Welcome” philosophy, instructors provide classes at farms, large greenhouse operations, churches and libraries that are accessible to the seasonal agricultural workers. We are proud to report that, in 2017, over 200 farm workers gained workplace safety, literacy, and numeracy skills through the Frontier College program. 

To help us grow the Literacy Outreach Program, we introduce the Plant a Seed – Grow a Program in order to raise important funds to support seasonal agricultural workers each year. These workers are essential to Canada’s food and agricultural system, and we are proud to support them through access to free literacy and language enrichment programming.

Learn more and buy seeds here.

Posted: 3/9/2018 9:25:55 AM by Joanne Huffa

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