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Our response to COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions

Like everyone, Frontier College is in a period of change and adaptation in response to the coronavirus. We have created a Frequently Asked Questions document with updated information about our programs, volunteers, and staff.  

What actions are we taking?
We are moving quickly to find innovative ways to continue our programs remotely. We may be offsite, but we remain motivated to help our learners gain the confidence and skills they need to reach their goals.
As you may have, heard until further notice, we are suspending our regular programs and closing our offices to the public. Program participants, partners, and volunteers have all been notified. During this period, staff will work from home.
Why did we do this?
We wanted to do our best to support the health of our staff, volunteers, partners, and participants, and to support the nation’s efforts to reduce the spread of the virus.
Will people still be working?
Yes. We are adhering to the government guidelines during COVID-19. Therefore our staff will be working from home. Critical functions such as finance, fundraising, communications, human resources, and information technology will be maintained to help facilitate shifting our programs to accommodate the current situation.
What happens next?
We will rely on the advice of health authorities and governmental direction to guide our next steps.
Do you still need volunteers?
At this time, many of our programs are on hold, but don’t let that stop you from applying. We will need volunteers when we’re up and running again. You can apply here:
How can I help?
While our day-to-day activity looks a little different right now, we are still working and preparing for the future. We are still recruiting Camp Counsellors and volunteers, and now more than ever need your  donations. If you’ve had a good experience with Frontier College, now is a great time to Share Your Story, and read those shared by others.
We are facing unusual circumstances, but we’re still working to provide learning support across Canada.
I’m a parent. Do you have any learning resources to share?

We sure do! We have math, reading, and writing activities for children, as well as Strategies for Children with Special Education Needs. Additionally, we have resources for tutors, which you might also find useful.
Our six tips to Get Kids Reading might need to be modified a little (no trips to the library right now), but still offers great ideas for getting—and keeping—children enjoying books.
If you have any further questions about Frontier College at this time, please email

Posted: 3/31/2020 10:32:52 AM by Joanne Huffa

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Volunteers are the reason for our success! In 2016, 2,697 volunteers gave over 55,000 hours to improving literacy in Canada.

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