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Summer Programs in Preston Township

There are lots of great literacy programs and activities taking place this summer in Preston, Nova Scotia.

Historically, the towns that comprise the township of Preston—North Preston, East Preston, Cherry Brook, and Lake Loon—have been excluded from a lot of the programs and resources that many people in Canada take for granted; the community’s library recently celebrated its first anniversary. This summer, Frontier College will be hosting family literacy days, outdoor story walks, reading tents, and other fun and educational activities for children and families. These activities help kids avoid summer learning loss and give them plenty of opportunities to keep learning and having fun.
Read a testimonial from a participant in Township’s Garden Program.

Preston Township is home to the biggest Black population in Canada, and it has been home to African Nova Scotians since the 18th century. It’s a strong community that faces many barriers yet has shown a great deal of resiliency and determination to build a bright future.
At Frontier College, we’re always working to give children new ways to learn, including bringing books and stories into the sunshine. Having access to books that are relevant and engaging helps children develop skills for success so they can achieve their dreams and goals.
As with all Frontier College programs, these summer activities will be free of charge for everyone who wants to come out and enjoy them.
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If you’d like to help stop children from falling behind over the summer, please donate to Frontier College today.
Posted: 5/24/2022 10:01:37 AM by Joanne Huffa

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Literacy is the set of foundational skills that enable an individual “to interpret information, make decisions, and solve problems in personal, work, and community life” (Windisch, 2015, p.20)

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