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2016 Charitable Greeting Cards

The Printing House is supporting Frontier College's Summer Aboriginal Literacy Camps with the sale of environmentally friendly, customizable greeting cards. We are proud to be chosen as the benefiting charity of this year's greeting card promotion, which gives 100% of net proceeds to the recipient.

These cards are designed by Canadian artists with the Frontier College story printed on the back, so while you're spreading season's greetings, you're also sharing your support for literacy in Canada. We hope you'll take a look!

Posted: 10/4/2016 3:14:19 PM by Joanne Huffa

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Did You Know ?

In 1920, Jessie Lucas became secretary-treasurer of Frontier College and remained in that position for 43 years. Along with a handful of female Labourer-Teachers, Ms. Lucas was one of the first women hired at the College.

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