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Kindergarten to Grade 3

    Reading and Writing Resources

    • ABCs Organizer

      For each letter of the alphabet, either practice writing the letter out, or if want something more difficult, write as many words as you can think of that start with that letter!
    • Art activity - How I Feel

      Create a record of how you are feeling. You can draw small images of how you are feeling every day for a week or two (and label each image with the date), or do one large drawing of how you are feeling right now.
    • Book Look Reading Guide

      This book-based treasure hunt gets you to explore the books around home.
    • Colours Word Search

      Colour in the words when you find them, with the colour that they are. Can you find all of the words?
    • Nature Crossword Puzzle

      Learn about nature in this crossword puzzle!
    • Nature Word Search

      Can you find all of the nature words?
    • Person, place or thing cups

      Write a short story with a person, place, and thing.
    • Personal Puzzle Activity

      Draw your own picture on the paper, over the outline of the puzzle. Then, cut out along the lines, and you have your own personal puzzle!
    • Word of the day!

      Pick a word of the day for the next two weeks. It can be a new word you did not already know, a word you really like, or a word you read in a book that day.
    • Writing activity - A muted movie

      Let your child(ren) watch a one-minute scene of dialogue from a movie of television show, while the TV is on mute. Using their imagination, children will write what they think the characters are saying and what the situation is.
    • Writing activity - A sentence of the day

      Start a story today and add one new sentence each day until the page is full.
    • Writing activity - My mythical creature

      Invent a hybrid, mythical creature by combining characteristics of different real animals.Create a setting to tell the story of the animal.
    • Writing activity - Word memory

      Can you guess which labelled items are missing?

    Numeracy and Science Resources

Grade 4 to 6

    Reading and Writing Resources

    • All Mixed Up

      The best way to describe All Mixed Up is like a “story jigsaw puzzle.” Put the pieces in an order to tell the story—note that there isn’t necessarily a “right way” or single order of the story—that depends on how and why the player chooses to order a frame in a particular way.
    • Fill in the blanks story

      Be creative in completing the story with your own choice of words!
    • Fruits and Veggies Wordsearch

      Can you find all of the words? There’s a word for each letter of the alphabet, except one letter. Can you figure out which letter is missing?
    • Sports crossword puzzle

      Can you name and find all of the sport activities?
    • Write your own book review

      Learn to write your own book review and draw the book cover. What did you like about this book? What didn't you like?
    • Writing activity - Dear Future Me

      Write a letter to your future self. What do you really want future you to remember from today? What do you hope you never forget?

    Numeracy and Science Resources

    • Bake a Wacky Cake

      A delicious example of science in action!
    • Data Management and Probability Activities - Gr. 4-6

      Three activities that use household scenarios to help develop skills with organizing numbers and probability 
    • Discover the Decimal

      Guess the exact number your opponent has chosen by posing a series (up to 15) of yes and no questions for your opponent to answer. Use problem solving and deduction to figure out the hidden number.
    • Geometry and Spatial Sense Activities

      Symmetry is the balance among the parts of something. Identify with your child all the capital letters that have symmetry (that can be split equally in half).
    • It's Raining Math!

      Can you colour all the raindrops in this adding and subtracting game? 
    • Make your own slime

      Make your own slime and learn about polymers.
    • Math facts: True or False?

      Wiggle out your child's math worries with a fun game of true or false!
    • Measurement Activities

      What is the relationship between various units of measurement? Are bigger items always heavier than smaller ones Is there a pattern in the way units relate to each other? 
    • Number Sense and Money Math

      Coins are great manipulatives, and as kids grow more comfortable handling money, coins can be used to practice mental math.
    • Patterns and Algebra Activities

      Does knowing the pattern rule make it easier to predict the next number in a sequence? How can we predict what numbers will come later in a pattern?
    • Shop 'Til You Stop Game - Gr. 4-6

      Learn how to add totals and calculate tax in this practical money math game
    • STEM Flower Study

      Label and draw the parts of a flower using this science worksheet
    • STEM Outdoor Senses

      How many different things do we sense? Use this activity to keep track of your 5 senses! 
    • STEM Word Search

      Look up the definitions as you find all these science and math words! 

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