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Lower Mainland

In Vancouver and around the Lower Mainland, Frontier College runs a variety of programs for children, youth, and adults that reflect the diversity of our population and helps to provide them with the tools they need for success.

Frontier College has worked in British Columbia continuously from 1909 to the present. Our activities include tutor recruitment and training, peer tutor training, program development and delivery, summer reading tents, and summer literacy camps.

For more information or to volunteer with Frontier College in Metro Vancouver, please call 604-713-5848 or email

8/15/2018 6:57:34 PM Brennen Smith
This week, a group of Ray-Cam Cooperative Centre Day Camp participants had a unique opportunity, thanks to a group of volunteers through the United Way of the Lower Mainland, as well as Kidsbooks (a local bookstore). Check out this blog post for more information!
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7/31/2018 3:02:01 PM Brennen Smith
My book pick this month graces the reading lists of book clubs and high school/university literature classes, and now my 2018 Book List: I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou.
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7/19/2018 5:53:04 PM Brennen Smith
This week, the BC Summer Literacy Camps trainings continue, with a 4-day workshop with Nooaitch Indian Band near Merritt, BC. 
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Lower Mainland

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