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Summer Literacy Camps

In 2017 Frontier College partnered with 9 First Nation communities across Manitoba to provide learning opportunities for children and youth through the Summer Literacy Camp program. The Summer Literacy Camps help foster a love of reading and reduce the risk of summer learning loss by incorporating daily literacy-embedded activities. The camp programs also help to support camper’s abilities and confidence through a Student Centred learning approach. Traditional knowledge and culture are incorporated through the presence of community members and Elders at camp. The guest presenters and community visitors are an integral part of the camp’s success.  
2017 Highlights:
  • 84% of parents said their children read more at home after attending camp
  • Campers benefitted from 455 visits by parents, Elders and community members
  • Camps increased students’ academic readiness, according to 85% of teachers surveyed, nationally
  • In 2017, campers at the Manitoba children’s camps spent an average of 112 minutes a day reading, and 94% of campers told us that they like reading.
  • In 2017, campers at the Manitoba Youth Camps spent an average of 36 minutes a day reading, and 100% of campers told us that they like reading.
2017 Testimonials:
  • “I learned new ways to help campers that need it the most. Learning new activities, having patience, kind personality, and incorporating Cree culture.”                                                             – Counselor, Fisher River Cree Nation
  • “This camp is great! It’s awesome that they get to read and take books home but still have fun.”   – Parent, Brokenhead Ojibway Nation
  •  “The big success was ocean day! The kids interacted by asking what creatures live in the ocean, what movies/characters (involve the ocean). They contributed to a story and a mural for the wall. We topped it off with ocean in a bottle, a craft they all loved making.”                                              – Counselor, Misipawistik Cree Nation
  • “Yes, I think having camp here has a positive effect on the community. WE had a lot of campers this year, also had a student come to our camp that had dropped out of school, but attended our camp and really enjoyed himself. Gave him confidence in going back to school and working in a large group and cooperating with others.”                                                                                          – Community Member, Sapotaweyak Cree Nation
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