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Supervised Alternative Learning Program

Hello Frontier College Friends! I want to tell you about our SAL (Supervised Alternative Learning) Program.
Frontier College works in partnership with the SAL Program and recruits and trains volunteer tutors to help students complete high school courses to gain credits towards their diploma, while working in an environment that isn’t a traditional high school setting. It is evident through the positive impacts we see in our learners that our volunteers are making a difference in their learning. Some of the amazing outcomes I’ve witnessed and personally have been involved with is teaching learners tips and tricks for reading comprehension, learning how to write a traditional essay and navigating Google Drive/Docs/Powerpoint, only to name a few. It is important that rather than helping the learners with just one course that we assist the learners in learning and developing transferable skills they can apply to all their courses! One Frontier College volunteer tutor I would like recognize is David. He works well with everyone he comes in contact with, and has established a positive relationship with one of the learners. Weekly, the pair work together to accomplish a large quantity of work. The teaching strategies used by David are phenomenal, and it is clear that both David and his learner are enjoying the learning process. Some strategies he is using is letting the learner take charge of the way the learning occurs, while facilitating and keeping the learner on track. When required, David will ask for help from other Frontier College volunteers and/or the teacher involved on-site. Overall, it is evident that this partnership has a positive impact on both the learners and volunteers. 
Posted: 2/9/2018 4:59:30 PM by Joanne Huffa

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