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Looking forward to the fall

Here’s a tentative list of our programs scheduled for our next fall/winter session....
One to One Tutoring
One of our most popular programs, our one to one tutoring sessions will be back in full swing starting mid-October, 2017.  Our trained tutors spend one hour weekly during the school day (often on a nutrition break) working on a variety of literacy, numeracy and individualized learning activities.  This year, we will be offering our one to one programs at Our Lady of Fatima, St. Hubert, Mother St. Bride, Woodland and, Vincent Massey Schools. 
Frontier College Math Club
Math Club is an activity based program that engages kids, generally in grades 3 and up, in fun, math based play.  Five different theme kits are rotated through the program, with each theme kit loosely based on one of the five math strands that children learn in school.  Each theme kit contains about a dozen dice, card or paper games, all at varying skill levels and all meant to encourage kids to have fun while using math.  Kits were newly updated this year to also include some math based literature and some single player games, in response to requests from learners and volunteers.  Volunteer tutors set up different stations where kids can try their hands at three or four different games each week.  Math Club is a great way for kids to develop their foundational skills (like math facts, measuring, problem solving, estimating, etc.) in a non-threatening and engaging environment. 
Math Clubs are tentatively planned for the following locations in 2017-2018:  North Bay Public Library, One Kids Place, Woodland Public School and Our Lady of Fatima School.  We will share more details as they become available, or you can contact us at  Program locations take the lead in registering club members.
Frontier College Junior Book Club
Junior Book Club is a fun way for kids aged 6-12 to explore a variety of themes and concepts that are often covered in the school curriculum.  Each weekly session introduces a new theme for kids and volunteers to explore (and themes can be anything from Volcanoes and Earthquakes to Family Pets).  Theme packs are developed to include books (fiction and non-fiction, storybooks, chapter books, graphic novels, and more) games, a craft, activity, or experiment, and a variety of activity sheets (madlibs, mazes, crosswords, wordfinds and more) all on that theme.  The aim of the club is to encourage children to do a bit of reading and writing each week on something different, but not in a “sit at your desk and get out our pencil and paper” kind of way.   Participants can explore a topic in a variety of different ways, and can learn some fun games and activities at the same time.
We will be offering the Junior Book Club program in partnership with the North Bay Public Library and at the LDAO of North Bay (at One Kids Place) in 2017-2018.  Contact the community partner location for program start dates or to register a club member.
Frontier College Creative Writing Club
Creative Writing Club is for writers of all interests and abilities.  Generally geared for participants aged 9 and up, the Club is not meant to critique a learner’s writing or style as much as offer a variety of group and individual writing activities and games that explore the fun and magic of the written word.  Writers will take part in all kinds of writing exercises and activities to broaden perspective and make writing less of a chore and more of a treat.  Writers will have the opportunity to share their work with the group if and when they choose, but it is not a mandatory part of the club.
This program will be offered in two segments for 2017-2018:  from October to December, and from January to April, at the North Bay Public Library.  If you are interested in registering an aspiring writer, please contact the Children’s Department at the library.
Posted: 7/3/2017 3:08:53 PM by Natalie Wilson

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