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July Summer Literacy Camp

From July 10-14 this year, we ran our first of two summer literacy camps. Thirteen kids registered for camp and had a blast. Each camp we have a project that we work on over the course of the week; for July, the kids were creating and making their own board games. It was a source of fun and hard work, as each child put their own interests and knowledge into their creation.
We had a wonderful week of math games, literacy games, cooking, cards and soccer! We finished off the week with Pajama Day, coupled with a pancake breakfast and afternoon movie. A little surprise of Jelly Pigs capped off our week. We are excited to see the kids again for our next camp: August 8-11!
Some favourites from the week
Favourite math game: Ninety-Eight
Favourite literacy activity:
Favourite recipe: oatmeal cookies
Baking fail: Pooh’s Honey cookies (they tasted like play-dough)
Favourite outside activity: soccer
Favourite transition activity: UNO!
Posted: 7/17/2017 9:38:55 PM by Stacy Sullivan

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