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Celebrating Learning and Appreciating Tutors

This summer, 21 volunteers worked with 27 learners to complete one of their Ontario high school credits or their high school equivalency certificate, as part of the Hammer Heads program.
After many hours of intense concentration and determination, hundreds of homework questions, and many tests, it was great to enjoy a meal, door prizes and, most of all, each others' company!

All of the learning that happened would not have been possible without the work of the volunteer tutors. Several students took the time to put their thoughts about the volunteers into words. In his thank you speech to the volunteers, one student said it eloquently: 

"To our tutors, I would like to thank you for volunteering your time for us. I have the utmost respect for you. It's funny to say, but every training centre we go to they tell us how important their job is and how much money they make. But here, you guys are doing the most important job there is (educating the youth) and you do it so humbly for free! There is not enough words to express my gratitude but let me try the only way I know how: Thank you."

Another student echoed his sentiments:

"Thank you for everything you have done for us, taking time out of your life and day to help us be successful in life. Seeing that we had potential in us really means a lot. You all have a part in our lives for making us who we are today and will be in the future...We also want to thank you for not only physics and math but showing us that there's people out there that actually want us to change our lives and focus on our future. Thank you!"

Thank you to all the tutors and volunteers that make such a difference in the lives of the Hammer Heads learners!
Posted: 8/31/2017 10:04:11 AM by Vicki Coleman

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