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Another Success!!

DSC_0210.JPGYesterday, fifteen students and five tutors joined together to celebrate the hard work that has been done in the last three months! Over a yummy meal, we shared many laughs and stories. It is always fun to witness this part of the program. These young people have worked hard and each has grown in their abilities. There is so much hope and expectancy about the doors that will open to them and where they will be working. It is a lovely feeling to be part of and to see. 

As always, volunteer tutors had a huge part in the success of these learners. One of the students summed it up nicely in his thank you speech to the volunteers. 

"At the beginning, I can't lie, but all of us had no clue what we were doing. Lost-confused- we were shakin' it. Not really prepared for what was going to happen. With your support and time, we managed to achieve our goals in school...On days we were tired, angry and fed up, you guys helped us get motivated to complete our lessons. (You) showed us new tricks we can use to get the right answers for problems we probably would have given up on in highschool."

Another students shared 

"You all took time out of your very busy lives to attend to us and push us to strive to the best of our abilities and, for me personally, you have all motivated me to give back to my community in every way possible. You have all impacted our lives in a positive manner."

So, once again, thank you to the volunteer tutors! If you are interested for volunteering in this program, please click here. Indicate in the prefered program line that you are interested in Hammer Heads tutoring. 

Posted: 12/15/2017 2:18:06 PM by Vicki Coleman

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