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1/9/2019 6:08:27 PM Kayleanna Giesinger
With the new year we have a new organizational team member, Matty! Matty will be taking over as the coordinator for the YMCA Family Language and Learning program. Here is a little more about her...
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1/9/2019 5:45:48 PM Kayleanna Giesinger
It's might be the new year, but we still want to take time to honor our amazing volunteers from the fall. Specifically Jahanvi, who is our Volunteer of the Month for November! Jahanvi has been volunteering at Reading Buddies and has left an outstanding impression on the volunteering team there. Sandra, the team leader, said that...
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12/2/2018 11:16:06 PM Kayleanna Giesinger
I volunteered with CSL in SCAWR Frontier College program during fall 2018. It is an after school program that helps Somalian children in the Waterloo Region with their homework. This experience to me was full of different emotions. It felt amazing getting to know these kids and working with them. Volunteering with people who actually need help, especially in learning, is one of the most important ways to volunteer. 
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11/20/2018 10:29:39 AM Kayleanna Giesinger
The value I have seen, that Frontier College contributes to the community, comes in 2 forms.1. Increased access to education2. Building a love for learning  
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11/13/2018 2:57:23 PM Kayleanna Giesinger
Last night our awesome volunteers gathered and celebrated the work they do in the community. As mentioned by our community coordinator Emily, "As a non-profit we don't always have the resources to give you everything you deserve, but this is our way of saying thank you." So again, a HUGE thank you to all our volunteers. Frontier College wouldn't be possible without you all, we owe the success of our programs to you!
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