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Volunteer of the Month: March

Frontier College wants to celebrate another one of our amazing volunteers, Silvia, for the month of March! Silvia is a volunteer at our Reading Buddies program. There is so many great things expressed about her and they have been sectioned into three segments of this post. Thank you to Silvia and all our other volutneers for everything you do!


1. Sandra, the team lead for Reading Buddies, explains her amazing qualities as follows: 
She's really enthusiastic about the program and because of it, she works so well with the buddies and the rest of the team! She's really dedicated and always willing to go the extra mile to make the program even better. She comes into the program every week with a smile on her face, high energy and a positive attitude and I think she's an exceptional volunteer!

2. A noteworthy story about Silvia:
We had a really shy buddy that was very hesitant to join the program and she took the initiative to help him adapt and enjoy the program. I noticed a big difference in how he approached the program and he seemed to get really comfortable and much less shy which was fantastic. I owe it all to Silvia and I'm very grateful for taking the initiative to make his time at Reading Buddies much more enjoyable.


3. Silvia's own Frontier College Story:
Volunteering as a tutor at "Reading Buddies" has been indeed an exceptional experience for me. As a newcomer myself, I experienced the importance of literacy when my family and I came to Canada, 2 years ago. Back then, my daughter was about to start Grade 1 without knowing how to read and write in English. Happily, she was blessed to receive support and constant encouragement from her great teachers, and from us, her parents, as well. This helped her to build a positive attitude toward learning, and was crucial for her emotional development in this stressful period. Now, she is a passionate reader and a very confident person.

This firsthand experience strengthens my belief that every child deserves to learn in a friendly, respectful and positive environment. Moreover, when we succeed in lighting the children up and influencing them with our enthusiasm for reading and learning, we impact their lives and confidence in a positive way. Luckily, I have experienced this as a volunteer, and it is extremely rewarding to see how shy and unsecure children turned into sparkling and confident ones, proud of themselves.

I will be always grateful for being part of Frontier College and its great strivings for improving people's lives through literacy!
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