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Learner Story #10 - AG20

I came here in June. It was summer but it was so cold for me. It was really quiet and not many people. Very different in my country. It took over 36 hours to get here. I’m confident in my own country, but I wasn’t here, I didn’t know much English. I got some jobs. I worked 66 hours or more a week from the beginning. I often felt frustrated. I couldn’t communicate. I wanted to go back to my country. But I also wanted to stay in Canada. It was a very hard time for me. My family was disappointed in me because I wanted to go back. They told me “no, that is not the best way for you”. I had sold everything to come here. If I went back I would have to live in my parent’s home and start again.
I got a bike about a week after I arrived. The lady wanted 30$ for it. She was a Canadian lady. When she heard I just got to Canada, she gave it to me for free. I used my bike until the weather got really bad. When it rained I got really wet. I would work my 8 hour shift in the kitchen and for the first couple of hours I would be really uncomfortable and itchy. But then because the kitchen was warm, I would warm up, and my clothes would dry a little. I was still uncomfortable and itchy, but I was warm. 
In my country I was told if you are late to work 3 times in Canada you will get fired. So I was always scared I would be late for work. It was hard going from job to job each day. They were far apart and I didn’t have much time. That first December was cold. Very cold. Too cold for me. I wore 4 jackets at a time and I was still cold. I started using the bus. One day the bus drove right past me. I was scared I would late, so I went back home, got my bike and pedaled very fast. Too fast. I turned left. The road was slippery. I crashed. Me and the bike rolled over a couple of times. When I got up I saw the chain had come off. What to do? I was scared I would be late. I just picked up my bike and ran the rest of the way carrying it. When I got to work I threw it down in the parking lot and ran inside. I was so cold. Everything was cold, my ears, my nose, my head, my hands, my feet, everything. It took me a long time to get warm. My hands were frozen. My ears were frozen. Everything was frozen. But I made it on time.
Posted: 8/22/2017 8:33:56 PM by Gwen Ross

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