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Learner Story #11 GR53

We waited for over one year to get a response from the Canadian Government for approved to come to Canada. We have 4 kids. My husband had a job, but it wasn’t enough for food, and to pay for the kids’ school. Sometimes I cried because we didn’t have enough money. I couldn’t work, I had 4 children to take care of. It felt like we were waiting forever. That was hard, to keep waiting and waiting. When we were finally approved I was so happy. I was scared too, because it was going to be different from my country, but I was happy. We were lucky. We came together as a family. Many people don’t come as a family.
It was my youngest daughter’s birthday the day we arrived in Whitehorse. It was July, around 11:00pm, but it was still light out. I was very confused. Where was this place where it was light at 11:00pm? And it was sooooo cold. It was supposed to be summer, but it was so cold. At the airport I could hear the sounds of many Filipinas talking, which was like home, but then when we got outside and away from the airport it was so quiet. Not like my place.
My first morning in Canada….When I woke up I looked outside and it was snowing. I was so shocked. I had never seen snow. My daughter ran outside to touch it. She called to me “Mummy come see” but I kept saying “No!! No!! No!! It’s too cold for me”. Even my sister, who had been here for a while, was surprised. She had never seen snow in July. She said “Canada is saying Welcome!” But snow in the summer? What was this place?! I was shocked.
For the first 9 months the 6 of us lived in one room in the basement. That was very difficult. It was hard to all live like that. Not enough room for 6 people. But we had to save money for a bigger place. I also had to send money home to help my parents. I got my first job as a housekeeper. For my first day of work I had to walk because we didn’t have a car, and nobody could drive me. I worked so hard that day. I have never worked that hard before. Then I had to walk home again. When I got home I didn’t relax, I needed to cook food for everyone and clean my house. My life was very different in the Philippines. In the Philippines I could relax.
Now I have 2 jobs. I work about 72 hours a week. I want my children to go to University. Not like me, I didn’t finish my studies. I want them to finish their studies. I don’t want them to borrow from the government, it is so hard to pay it back. I don’t want them to pay rent to me. I want them to save their money. I want them to save for their studies, and for their families. I work hard, but that’s ok.
Even though it’s hard for me, I do it for my kids. For their future. 
Posted: 8/31/2017 12:31:34 PM by Gwen Ross

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