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I chose Frontier College

When I first came to Canada as a new immigrant in May 2014 I took a dream with me; to become an English teacher. As long as it could take to get things happen for entering the system, I was looking for alternative ways to exercise my profession. I was informed of possibilities of volunteering, and among many organizations that operate in Montreal, I chose Frontier College. As my first Canadian experience in tutoring, it became a cornerstone in my new life in this beautiful country. With other dedicated and more experienced volunteers, I learned a lot of new things about Canada and its history of literacy.

What staggered me among different stories was the high rate of illiteracy and drop-outs in certain areas. So I decided to dedicate my time and efforts helping high school juniors to catch-up with their school program and pass the English exam. After three years of engagement at Frontier College, I am very proud of the good job we have done together.

A special recognition goes out to the Montreal Team and its coordinator Krystyna who with her relentlessness and determination made our efforts worth.

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