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I will never forget the smile on her face

Even volunteering with Frontier College for a short time made an impact on me. My first few sessions as a tutor were hard sometimes, but soon I found a learner that I really clicked with. She was a high school student, recently moved to Canada, and during my very first session with her she said, "You're the first person that's really 'gotten' me! It's easy the way you explained it to me." I helped her with a few different subjects, and she was very capable in all of them. All she needed was for someone to explain things a little differently, and give her confidence in herself. Having never written an essay, the idea of writing one freaked her out. Yet after asking her just a couple of questions, she spoke at length about the novel and her feelings about it. She had been shown the writing process in school, but didn't really understand it: once I showed her how and why to write an outline, her confidence shot way up. I know I helped her believe in herself and improve her performance at school, something she really wanted to do... and that alone makes my experience with Frontier College a memorable time. I will never forget the smile on her face throughout our first session.

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