The reasons for volunteering are as varied as the individuals who volunteer. The purpose of this orientation is not only to convey the advantages of volunteering in general but to demonstrate how volunteering for Frontier College has many unique benefits. To give you some background, we will first provide a brief history of Frontier College and the vision of its founder. This will be followed by a look at the organization today and our unique approach to literacy programming.

What is Frontier College

Frontier College is a Canada-wide, volunteer-based, literacy organization. Literacy is an essential skill in today’s world. At Frontier College, we believe it’s a fundamental right. Founded in 1899 by a group of university students and faculty, our original mission was to live, work and teach in isolated “frontier” settlements. Today, Frontier College volunteers and community partners work on Canada’s "new frontiers" — inner city schools and streets, public housing sites, farms, prisons and reserves.

Our Mission

We believe that literacy is a fundamental right. Frontier College provides access to this right by reaching out to people across Canada, responding to their learning needs and encouraging lifelong learning.

For a bit of Frontier College history, use the following link to view a Canadian Heritage minute. You will need to press the Ctrl button + click on the link at the same time. This will open a new window. When you are finished viewing the video clip, you can close the window to come back to this orientation.